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Confidentiality Agreement

I undertake, that for the duration of the placement process (beginning with the approval of this agreement) I will not enter into any direct contact outside of the placement process with the clients, nor will I have any direct contact with the clients with whom JRWG CoachConsult GmbH is in exchange regarding my person within the framework of the placement process (names of the companies will be provided to me).


I commit myself, that I will treat all information received by JRWG CoachConsult GmbH in the course of the placement process confidentially and that I will not pass it on to any third party.

Privacy policy

Here is the link to the privacy policy.

Consent to the Confidentiality Agreement and to the Privacy Policy

I hereby declare that I have read, understand and consent to the Privacy Policy and will comply with the Confidentiality Agreement listed here in current and future processes.

Consent to our confidentiality agreement was sent successfully.

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